The Recruit Texas Solution

It happens all the time. A company is considering Texas for a new investment. The competition between states is fierce. There will be talk of tax credits, real estate, and the quality of life.

HB 1155 creates Recruit Texas to provide an intensive and rapid response to, and support for services for, employers expanding in or relocating their operations to Texas. Fact is, Texas is losing employers to other states because of initiatives such as Lousiana FastStart and Georgia Quick Start.

Recruit Texas will utilize the training strength of our outstanding community and technical colleges to deliver the training needed by companies locating to Texas. For the first time, workforce development will be a key component of our economic development strategy.

Workforce is the #1 concern of employers considering doing business in Texas.

Partnering with community colleges and technical colleges

The focus will be on providing customized, turnkey workforce solutions supporting new and expanding businesses relocating to Texas that offer complex or high skill employment opportunity.

The Recruit Texas process will include Compression Planning sessions with the employer to identify the specific training needs. Customized services include, but aren’t limited to: employee recruitment and screening, start-up training, safety and teamwork training, leadership development for managers, transition support, technology-based and hands-on instruction, and web design.